All children under the age of 12 years must be closely supervised by an adult while at the Centre.

If your child is under the age of 5 or requires a flotation aid while swimming, the parent or carer must be in the water within an arm's length of the child.

Running, bombing, diving* or unruly behaviour are not permitted.

*Diving is only permitte at the deep end of the pool where the water is more than 1.5m deep.

The Geelong College Recreation Centre is a non smoking venue.

Please shower before entering the pool.

Any patron/s under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted into the Centre.

Anyone attempting to gain entry without paying or without authorisation will be prosecuted. No pass outs will be issued.

Patrons are not permittted to bring glass objects or alcohol into the Centre. Patrons' bags may be searched.

Abusive, disruptive or offensive behaviour and language are not permitted. Offenders will be removed from the Centre.

Only recognised swimwear, made from lycra or nylon is to be worn in the water. Street wear and underwear are not recognised swimwear. Infants must wear recognised waterproof nappies in the water.

Swim caps must be worn at all times.

Only The Geelong College Recreation Centre staff are permitted to conduct Learn-to-swim, private swimming lessons and squad coaching sessions (unless the provider is authorised by The Geelong College Recreation Centre Management).

Cameras and mobile phone cameras are not permitted in the change rooms. If you wish to take photo or video footage elsewhere in the Centre you must seek approval from Centre Management.

The Geelong College Recreation Centre accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings. Patrons are advised not to bring valuables to the Centre. Lockers are available.

At times the pool may operate under low-patronage pool supervision guidelines.

Please obey the Pool Attendant's directions at all times.