‘The path of life is one of ups and downs, one in which the odds are great, and defeat has to be encountered. Sport trains us for life, since it teaches us to take our defeats with a smile, and to say, “We live to fight another day.” To set the cause above renown, to love the game beyond the prize. Surely this is the essence of the sporting spirit which does so much to help us along the road of life.’

On the Sport of Rowing – Vautin H Andrews Pegasus June 1934 p 43


Leave your mark on our new Sports and Wellbeing Centre by taking your place

The Take Your Place project is your final opportunity to donate to Belerren.

Simply make a tax deductible donation of $1000 or more, and your name will be engraved on a plaque and installed on the courtside seating area of the new Sports & Wellbeing Centre at The Geelong College.

By supporting this project, you are helping to shape the sporting future of both our current and future students. You will also be inextricably linked to the many special moments that will occur within this amazing new facility.


Why a Sports and Wellbeing Centre?

In the Waddawarrung language Belerren means shine and this outstanding facility will be a place for Geelong College students to shine, in sport, and in life.

Our vision is to define a sporting precinct at the Western edge of the campus. Belerren will be a state-of-the-art learning and sports space that comprises a double court gymnasium, elite training facility and event space overlooking Mackie Oval. It will host sports training, APS and other competition, school events and additional learning spaces. Belerren will be used by the broader College community and become another extraordinary place for school gatherings.

Car parking and storage facilities will be underground, and the gradient of the slope allows a significant footprint that sits in concert with the campus among landscaped gardens.

The project also encompasses the formalisation of the streetscape on Claremont Avenue, moving two heritage houses to open the entrance to Mackie House. Both houses will be relocated on College grounds and will be used for a new medical centre and as an expansion of Mossgiel House.

By positioning the new facility at the edge of the campus we allow for long-term growth at its centre for a new library and learning centre. It also enables the existing gym to continue operation during the construction phase.

How can I help?

To achieve our ambitious fundraising target, we need significant philanthropic support from The Geelong College community.

Please join with other members of the Geelong College community and invest in current and future students, and the long-term success of our school.

We ask that you consider a gift, large or small, to help our students shine.

How is it coming along?

See the video below for an update on the construction.


From the Chair of Council 

The Belerren Campaign is a generational opportunity to build a legacy for the students and families of The Geelong College. This will enable not only state-of-the-art sporting facilities that are integral to the health and wellbeing of our school community, but allow us to develop the next phase of a rich learning environment for our school. 

- Prof. Richard Page 


Exterior - Driveway
Interior - Gym
Boarding - After
Exterior - Claremont Streetscape
Oval - Distant
Oval - Close - Football
Exterior - Front
Exterior - Claremont Window
Interior - Weights
Exterior - Claremont Berm