The Margaret Shannon Memorial Cup is a current Geelong College award and is held in perpetuity by the College. It is awarded annually to a female student in Year 12 in recognition of outstanding overall service to the College community.

This prize was first awarded by The Geelong College in 2015 and was funded by the Morongo Old Collegians' Association (MOCA).

Before its re-introduction as a student award at Geelong College, the Margaret Shannon Cup was originally used as a House Athletics Award at the Presbyterian Girls College Geelong (Morongo). In December 1928 the Australasian newspaper reported: 'In memory of their daughter Margaret, Mr and Mrs Herbert Shannon, Upper Murray, have presented a massive gold cup for perpetual competition in interhouse sports at the Presbyterian Girls' College, Geelong. The first competition for the cup took place this year, and at the annual speech day the cup was presented to the captain of Lawson House, at which the late Margaret Shannon was a student.'

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