The Fellowship builds on The Geelong College’s reputation for excellence and commitment to fostering a capacity for, and love of, life-long learning. It is awarded to an ongoing staff member, or a team of staff, to wholly or partially fund an experience in study, research, professional development, shadowing, or immersion-based learning.

Fellowship Recipients 
  • Delle Ritchie: Reggio Emilia Study Tour.
  • Sophia Shen: Taiwan Culture and Educational Tour.
  • Adrian Blades: US College Pathways Immersion Project.
  • Aron Tremul and Fabio D'Agostin: Finland Education Review (STEM beyond our borders). 
  • Karen Sunderland: Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.
  • Dana Dear: College for Education and Clinical Art Therapy Certificate.
  • Jane Sampson: Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.
  • Seamus Orr: Rites of Passage Institute Leadership Course (level 1).
  • No Fellowships offered due to lockdown restrictions.
  • Offered Fellowships not undertaken due to lockdown restrictions. 
  • Emma Watters and Charmaine Saraci: Reggio Emilia Study Tour.
  • Gerard Donovan: Funding in support of a Canadian Teacher Exchange Program.
  • Peter Blanchfield: Continuation of a Masters of Sports Coaching degree.
  • Julie Bickett and Chrisine Barrett: Reggio Emilia Study Tour.
Fellowship Highlights

Reggio Emilia Study Tour – Delle Ritchie

As one of the 2023 Foundation Fellowship recipients, Delle Ritchie attended the Reggio Emilia study tour in Italy during 2024, joining 400 delegates from 58 countries. This experience allowed her to discuss education issues and the Reggio philosophy with colleagues worldwide, providing a rich exchange of ideas and practices. Delle found that The Geelong College Junior School effectively embodies the Reggio approach by valuing children's voices and guiding their learning and development within their unique context. She looks forward to implementing the insights gained from the tour to further enrich the educational experiences at the Junior School.


Taiwan Culture and Educational Tour – Sophia Shen

Organised by The NSW Chinese Teachers Association, this tour included 20 teachers from various educational institutions across NSW, with Sophia Shen being the sole representative from Victoria. The tour offered opportunities to engage with local schools, learn about Chinese teaching methodologies, and promote Chinese language courses in Australian schools. A highlight was visiting the English Village at Linkou Kangqiao International School, where students immerse themselves in English through realistic simulations of everyday scenarios. Observations included bilingual teaching in primary grades and a dual-track system for secondary students.


US College Pathways Immersion Project – Adrian Blades

Spending four days with Study and Play USA in Brisbane, Adrian Blades engaged in activities related to the college recruitment process. The Geelong College supports US college opportunities through the careers department, which administers the SATs and provides necessary documentation for athletic programs. During the experience, Adrian observed meetings, attended sporting and scouting events, and gained insights into the recruitment process, addressing a prior gap in his understanding. This experience has enabled him to offer detailed guidance to students and parents about the procedures, requirements, and timeframes for US college athletics pathways. By sharing these insights, the College aims to become a leading Australian school for US college athletics opportunities.


Finland Education Review – Aron Tremul and Fabio D'Agostin

Aron Tremul and Fabio D'Agostin undertook a two-week exploration of the Finnish education system, visiting institutions from primary to tertiary levels. Their journey included Tampere University, several comprehensive and technical schools in Tampere, and educational hubs in Helsinki. They observed a variety of classes, engaged in discussions with educators and students, and attended briefings on Finland's educational policies and challenges. Key findings include Finland's free education, high teacher training standards, flexible upper secondary pathways, and emphasis on teacher autonomy and student interest. Despite modest resources, Finnish schools achieve high levels of student focus and contentment. The experience highlighted the potential benefits of incorporating Finnish educational practices at the College.


CECAT's Art Therapy Certificate – Dana Dear

CECAT’s Art Therapy training courses provide learners with extensive opportunities to learn and experience various verbal and non-verbal art therapy approaches, as well as therapeutic interventions for educational and clinical settings. The training focuses on unconscious processes combined with evidence-based practices and includes mindfulness, inner peace, and compassion as core components. Facilitated by Rob Gray, Dana Dear says the knowledge gained has been highly beneficial for her teaching and pastoral care roles and offers a valuable resource for colleagues and the College health team. Additionally, the course has inspired her to further integrate art therapy methods into her work, enhancing the support provided to students and staff. She plans to continue expanding her expertise in this field.


Stronger Smarter Leadership Program™ – Karen Sunderland and Jane Sampson

The SSLP™ recognises the vital role that principals, teachers, support workers, parents, and the community play in a student's education, health, and wellbeing. It fosters educational excellence through the Stronger Smarter Approach™, encouraging participants to challenge mindsets, engage school communities, and promote High-Expectations Relationships. The program emphasises the development of positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities and leadership in schools, high expectations leadership, and innovative school models suited to complex social and cultural contexts. Taking place in Cherbourg, Queensland, Karen Sunderland (2022) and Jane Sampson (2021) participated in the SSLP™, gaining greater cultural awareness to inform our Reconciliation Action Plan strategy, among other initiatives.