Breakfast is held in the Dining Hall most days, although one weekday and on Saturday mornings before sport boarders help themselves to breakfast in their house kitchens. In house breakfasts during the week mean a little sleep in which is usually welcomed!

Morning Tea and Lunches are collected from the canteen (at Middle School) or the Dining Hall (at Senior School) and can be taken out to the yard to enjoy with friends.

Dinner is in the Dining Hall most nights. With two meat options and a vegetarian option, vegetables and salads, and a dessert available there is plenty of food and plenty of variety.

Supper and afterschool snacks are served in the boarding houses and students can help themselves to sandwiches, milkshakes, eggs, toast and other snacks between meals or on weekends. Sometimes the Matrons, tutors or students bake for the houses which is always well received.


Just a taste of what our boarders eat...


Breakfast: Choice of cereals, Toast with spreads, Fruit, Fruit juice, Cooked breakfast buffet.

Morning tea: Banana cake, Toasted sandwich.

Lunch: Sandwiches/rolls, Fresh fruit, Salad plates, Pasta bake, Water or Cordial.

Dinner: Roast sirloin of beef, Roast potatoes, Mixed roast vegetables, Seafood basket, Salad bar.

Vegetarian: Sweet potato curry.

Dessert: Apple and rhubarb tart

Supper: Muffins