Morongo Presbyterian Girls’ College: A Brief History

The Geelong Presbyterian Girl’s College was founded in 1920 by local Ministers keen to see a place for girls education in Geelong with Presbyterian ideals and traditions. It was first located at ‘Roslyn’, a property on the northwest corner of Elizabeth Street (now Roebuck Street) and La Trobe Terrace also incorporating the former Newtown Ladies College.

In the search for more space the College found a new home at Morongo, a bluestone homestead at Bell Post Hill. The College relocated there in 1927 where students and staff could enjoy the open space and views over Geelong and Corio Bay.

The first Headmistress of the school, Miss Gertrude Pratt, along with the College’s founding Council, chose the school colours: navy blue, green and gold. ‘Sint Lucernae Ardentes’ (‘Let your lamps be burning’) became the school motto emblazoned in the college crest.

After 74 years, Morongo Presbyterian Girls’ College closed in 1994. The Geelong College is custodian of Morongo records and the heritage collection formerly held by the Morongo Old Collegians Association.

For more historical information about Morongo and to view issues of The Luceraen from 1921 to 1994, please click here.

School Records

Morongo Old Collegians who require their school records for any purpose can apply for a copy of those records from The Geelong College Archivist, by completing the Request for Informaton from School Records and emailing it to


The Morongo Award

The Morongo Award was first offered in 2001 with funds raised by the Morongo Old Collegians Association Inc (MOCA).

The Morongo Rose

The Morongo Rose, planted in the gardens of Mossgiel Boarding House in Noble Street, is one of the many legacies of the Morongo Presbyterian Girls College.

Morongo Year Group Reunions

The Geelong College does not organise Morongo Year Group Reunions, however we can provide a list of names for a particular year group.

Morongo Events

Every year The Geelong College hosts a lunch for Morongo Old Collegians in their Dining Hall in Talbot Street, Newtown.

Margaret Shannon Cup

The Margaret Shannon Memorial Cup is a current Geelong College award and is held in perpetuity by the College.

Morongo Memorabilia

The Geelong College is proud to house much of the Morongo memorabilia in the Morongo Room at Mossgiel.


The Lucernian was the school magazine of the Morongo Presbyterian Girls’ College and was published from 1921 to 1994.

Morongo Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of Morongo Old Collegians, “The Morongo” is edited by Ann McAllister (MOC 1982) and is distributed every six months via email.

Morongo Rowing

Rowing was introduced to Morongo Girls’ College in 1974 by Camping and Extra-curricular Coordinator Robert Hosie and keenly supported by Headmistress Dulcie Brookshaw.