Class teachers are selected for their experience and care in the development of young children, and are main points of contact for families. The Head of Junior School and Director of Early Learning are hands on in each child’s learning and are also important contacts for families and role models for children.

Triple R

Through the Triple R program Early Learners practice yoga and mindfulness most days and learn to be brave and resilient through challenges in their learning. In line with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, children are treated with respect as learners and direct much of what happens in the classroom, learning to make decisions together, to explore ideas and thoughts and to follow their passions. Play is perhaps the most important part of an early learning day, helping children to enjoy their environment and begin to develop relationships with their peers and teachers. All of this assists with the transition from home to school.

From Prep to Year 3 children experience more structure in their learning as is appropriate for their developmental level. While they spend much of their learning time with their classroom teacher, they do visit specialist areas for science, physical education, music and art, developing the independence to move between rooms for classes as they mature. They participate in yoga, mindfulness and other wellbeing activities as well as spending time with students from Middle and Senior School, who mentor and learn with them.

Parent Sessions

Along-side the Triple R program, Parent education sessions covering many topics including building resilience in children and how parents can manage their children’s use of technology are held and special guest presenters help students learn about bullying and other relevant subjects through dramatic performances and other activities. 

Counsellors and learning support sit alongside the class and parent wellbeing education to ensure that all children and their families are nurtured to grow and develop.