”What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” - Pericles

Making a bequest is providing a gift for the future, beyond your own lifetime, to support the growth and development of The Geelong College and the education of future generations of students.

A bequest to The Geelong College or The Geelong College Foundation may complement other provisions you may make in your Will for family, charities and other beneficiaries.

If you would like to advise us of your intention to leave a bequest to The Geelong College or The Geelong College Foundation, please email Nicole Roache, Marketing and Advancement Manager, at foundation@tgc.vic.edu.au or call Nicole on (03) 5226 3106.

Your notified bequest qualifies you for membership to our bequest society, the Morrison Society, and allows us to thank you during your lifetime by including you in special events.  You can become a member of the Morrison Society and remain anonymous if you wish.

Here is a message from one of our Morrison Society members.


When making or updating your will we would be happy to discuss any provision which you may consider in favour of The Geelong College or The Geelong College Foundation.

Suggested wording for a gift in your will to The Geelong College Foundation

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us or for further support, please contact the Advancement Office at The Geelong College on:

Phone: +61 3 5226 3779

Email: foundation@geelongcollege.vic.edu.au


Frequently Asked Questions

Why leave a bequest to The Geelong College or The Geelong College Foundation?

Leaving a lasting legacy to The Geelong College Foundation means you are actively contributing to the outstanding educational opportunities for our students in the future. A bequest is a meaningful way of acknowledging your connection to the College.

Can I choose what I want my bequest used for?

Ideally, we would prefer bequests be left to The Geelong College Foundation for use at its discretion for the benefit of The Geelong College, however a bequest should be made to reflect your wishes.  If you choose to leave a bequest to The Geelong College, you can direct it to be used at the Principal’s discretion or you could specify it be directed to the Scholarship Fund or the Building Fund. 

If you are considering making a gift in your Will, we encourage you to have a confidential discussion with our Associate Director for Advancement who will assist you in providing guidance about how your intentions can best be achieved. Please contact the Advancement Office on (03) 5226 3779.

Are there different types of bequests?

The main forms of bequest are:

Specific: A specified gift of money, real estate, shares, jewellery, art, antiques etc.

Percentage or proportion:  A bequest couched as percentage or proportion of your total Estate.

Residual: The remainder of your Estate after provision has been made for family and other beneficiaries.

Whole Estate: A bequest that comprises your total Estate.

How do I make a Will?

We recommend that you obtain professional advice and assistance in preparing your Will to ensure it is valid and accurately reflects your wishes.

If you are looking for professional advice, please contact the Law Institute of Victoria which has a Find a Lawyer Legal Referral Service. Their contact details are:

Law Institute of Victoria

Phone:  +61 3 9607 9311

Email:  inquiries@liv.asn.au

Web:  https://www.liv.asn.au/