Boarding at Geelong College commences at Year 7 for boys and girls and has always been an important part of College life. Our two very comfortable boarding houses, Mackie (boys) and Mossgiel (girls) are home to about 100 boarders from regional Australia and around the world.

We have a long tradition of international students being a part of our community going back to the 1960’s. With Asia on our doorstep most of our international students come from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

All applications need to go through one of our accredited education agents who will be only too pleased to help you.

Application for enrolment process
Step 1: Select an accredited education agent

Click here for a full list of agents who work with The Geelong College

Step 2: AEAS Test

Your agent will help you arrange to take the AEAS (Australian Education Assessment Services) test. Test centre locations can be found in most Asian cities. For more information go to

Step 3: Enrolment requirements

You will need to provide the following to your agent:

  • AEAS test results
  • Copies of your last 2 school reports
  • Copy of passport
Step 4: Your agent will complete the online enrolment form
Click here to complete the online enrolment form.

Step 5: Assessment of Application

You Application will be reviewed by the Admissions team at Geelong College who will then organise two virtual interviews (MS Teams) with the student. The first is with the International Student Coordinator and the second is with the Head of School and Head of Boarding. This is an opportunity for the College to find out more about the student and for the student to ask any questions.  A decision is then made as to whether the student will receive an Offer of Place.  

Step 6: Offer of a Place

If the student’s application is successful, the College will forward a Letter of Offer to the Agent.

Step 7: Accepting the Offer

The Offer of Place needs to be signed and returned to the Admissions Manager with the Admission and Entrance fees and payment of Overseas Health Care premiums. Your place will then be confirmed with your Agent.


Should you need further information please contact us at or speak with one of our agents.


International English square
English Assessment

Placing students in an Australian classroom without adequate English language skills is unfair to the student and places them at a disadvantage both in their learning and socially.

All students must take the AEAS test (Australian Education Assessment Services) which helps us to assess the student’s level of English and the support that may be required both at the College and prior to beginning with us. Test centre locations can be found in most Asian cities. For more information go to
Based on the results of the assessment, an informed decision can be made about when international students are ready to join mainstream classes and at what year level.

Avalon College

Most of our international students require intensive English language study before starting at Geelong College. This can range from 8 weeks to 30 weeks. We have a strong relationship with Avalon College here in Geelong. Your agent can arrange the enrolment once an offer of place has been given by Geelong College.