We are privileged to lead the College into what we hope is a year full of opportunity and achievement. We are honoured to be advocates within the school community as we aim to unite the community and uphold the long and respected history of our school.

As the 2024 captains, we, along with our 14 other prefects, seek a schooling environment where everyone can be their best version of themselves. Performance on the sporting field, stage and classroom is reliant on a strong set of principles that can apply to everyone. We acknowledge the importance of these basic values leading to the formation of our motto BANG. BANG, standing for Belonging, Aspiration, Nurturing and Gratitude influences our undertakings and summarises our intentions as school leaders. We see these principles as fundamental to a successful journey through any aspect in life and encourage our students to embody what they stand for, ultimately using them as a guide them to form their own set of values for life.

The Geelong College is renowned for its strong sense of community and its abundance of school spirit, and as students we are eternally grateful for the opportunities this has provided for us as our College journeys soon come to a close. Whatever the endeavour, we have been so privileged to immerse ourselves in many different aspects of the College and have seen firsthand the amazing and unique opportunities our school provides, as well as the grace and humility within the student body. As leaders, we hope to uphold these values, fostering an environment where inclusivity and wellness are of utmost importance, allowing every student to explore, thrive and grow both in and out of the classroom.

Finally, we would like to emphasise the importance of the College’s support network, and we encourage anyone to reach out to us whenever necessary. We look forward to getting to know everyone this year!

We wish everyone the best for the year ahead,

Annabelle and Zephyr

College Co-Captains 2024