As we embark on our final year at The Geelong College, we are honoured to lead the College community into a remarkable 2023. It is a great privilege to be the representatives of the student body and we both take pride in upholding the rich history and spirit of our outstanding school.

As the 2023 Co-Captains, we aim to work alongside our team of 14 prefects in order to best convey the student voice and to turn initiatives and ambitions into actions, because ideas are solely ideas unless they are acted upon. In doing so, our motto this year, for our leadership team, is to foster a diverse, unified and welcoming community. This is an essential aspect of College Life because we understand that we are all different and that we all bring a diverse range of strengths to our community. So, by working together we will be able to make the most of our College experience by having the best possible learning platform to grow from.

In and out of the classroom, the Geelong College boasts a renowned reputation built upon the continued pursuit of excellence. Whether on the sporting field, in the classroom, through the expression of music or in the wider College community, we are encouraged to ‘Be of Courage’ and to try new experiences and make the most of all the fantastic opportunities available at our school. As leaders, we are passionately committed to The College, and the values that support out school, which is why since the beginning of our journey here we have attempted to immerse ourselves in the many facets of the College Life; including sport, music, drama, debating. Because between all the extra-curricular activities, on top of the classroom learning, there truly is something for everyone at College, alongside supportive peers and teachers to assist us in our spirations.

As Geelong College students, we are so fortunate to be exposed to a vast array of amazing opportunities which are unique to our school. We believe that participating in a diverse range of activities and expanding our horizons has yielded not only the reward of learning the importance of being part of a team but has also allowed us to form relationships with peers in many year levels with varying interests. This has been fundamental to our development as not only students, but as young adults.

We look forward to our interactions with all members of The College and remind everyone that you can reach out to us at any time, regardless of the matter.

We wish everyone the very best for 2023,

Tom Greer and Chantal Mason

College Co-Captains 2023