The Geelong College Community is the heartbeat behind the spirit of the school, vital in ensuring that the school grounds are vibrant, supportive and radiant with enthusiasm.

Moving into our final year at The Geelong College, we are both deeply humbled to lead the community as College Co-Captains in 2022. It is a great privilege to represent our fellow peers and we are grateful for the trust that has been placed in us by the student body and staff alike. We are deeply honoured to take our place in the proud and rich history of the school as we seek to act as custodians for the unique "College Spirit" that has helped guide students on their 'way to the stars' for over 160 years.


As Captains, we will work alongside our team of 14 Prefects to serve as representatives of students' ideas and ambitions. Each member of our Prefect Team will bring a varied range of aspirations, passions and strengths that will cumulatively reflect The College's array of opportunities and personalities. As a group, it is our responsibility to foster and develop the welcoming, inclusive and encouraging environment that is integral to The College's student experience. The Geelong College Community is the heartbeat behind the spirit of the school, vital in ensuring that the school grounds are vibrant, supportive and radiant with enthusiasm. We see our role as leaders to preserve this unique environment, and to motivate the student body as a whole to exhibit compassion and respect in all aspects of schooling life.


The Geelong College boasts a renowned reputation built upon the continued pursuit of excellence. The pillars of this reputation are found within our values, that remind and guide our community each and every day. Whether being reminded to 'Endeavour with Courage' or to 'Aspire with Humility,' these phrases are essential in influencing our actions, be it in the classroom, sporting field, school yard or wider community. As leaders, we are passionately committed to The College and the values that we uphold, and are dedicated to encouraging such passion, for both learning and life, in all our peers.


As students, we began our journey at The Geelong College in Year 3 and Year 7 respectively and have since attempted to immerse ourselves in the many facets of College Life, including Sport, Music, Drama, Debating and Classroom Learning. We are so fortunate as Geelong College students to have access to the vast array of extra-curricular opportunities provided and can attest to the extraordinary benefits that accompany participation. We believe that participating in a diverse range of activities and expanding our horizons has yielded not only the reward of learning the importance of being part of a team but has also allowed us to form relationships with peers in many year levels with varying interests. This has been essential to our development as not only students, but as young adults. Having experienced the importance firsthand, we look forward to encouraging our fellow peers to follow suit so that they too can enjoy a similar journey that has been as rewarding as our own.


Approaching the beginning of the 2022 schooling year, it is natural to feel a sense of trepidation in these uncertain and trying times. Ideally, we dream of normality, rhythm and routine - but such dreams have proven to be outside of our control. All that we can control is how we approach each day. In times of darkness, we believe it is the moments in which we find the light that truly bring us happiness and fulfillment. As captains, we urge The College Community to continue looking for the light. May we approach this year with optimism and a sense of ambition for what we can achieve together. Regardless of what may or may not come to fruition, it is ultimately our attitude that will define the intrinsic and collective rewards that we will reap. In this, we are determined to lead by example to ensure that all members of The Geelong College Community enjoy a positive and memorable 2022 schooling year.


We look forward to our interactions with all members of The College and remind everyone that you can reach out to us at any time, regardless of the matter. We wish everyone the very best this year; we can’t wait to lead you in 2022!


Emmy Bowyer and Oscar Dowling

College Co-Captains 2022