Introducing the Geelong College Rainbow Alliance (GCRA)

As we celebrate 50 years of co-education at our school, with our focus on "Stories of Change", we look at the progress of our College during that time. This milestone not only marks a significant moment in our history but also emphasises our ongoing commitment to progress, diversity and inclusivity. At Geelong College, these are not just values; they are the heartbeat of our community. That's why we're proud to introduce you to the Geelong College Rainbow Alliance (GCRA), our LGBTQIA+ student-led support group.

The GCRA is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students and allies, a beacon of support, and a platform for empowerment within our school community. Led by passionate students and supported by equally dedicated staff members, the GCRA is committed to creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels accepted, valued, and celebrated for who they are.

What does the GCRA do?

Quite a lot, actually!

The group meets formally at lunchtime, once a fortnight, with informal catch-ups and events organised throughout the year. First and foremost, the GCRA provides a vital support network for LGBTQIA+ students, ensuring that they have a voice, a place to turn to, and a community that understands and embraces them. Whether it's offering a listening ear, providing resources, or simply being there for one another, the GCRA is here to support and uplift every member of our school community. Based at Senior School, and primarily made-up of Senior School students, the GCRA offers support to students across all campuses. 

In addition to providing support and facilitating social connections, the GCRA also organises fundraisers, social events, and educational initiatives aimed at promoting awareness, acceptance, and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues. From rainbow-themed bake sales to excursions and guest speaker events, the GCRA is constantly finding creative ways to foster a culture of inclusivity and celebration across our College. And their events are well-supported by students and staff alike – on the day of the most recent bake sale a crowd packed into Helicon Place to get their hands on a treat. 

We take great pride in the friendly environment that exists at The Geelong College, and we're honoured to provide a welcoming community where our students, their families and our staff feel valued and celebrated for who they are.


If you would like to speak to someone about the ways in which we may be able to support you or your family, please contact Lachy Joyce and Sarah Langley (The GCRA’s staff leaders) at or call (03) 5226 3709