Foundation Membership starts at $5,000 which can be paid in a lump sum or by instalments.  Gifts made to the College’s Annual Giving appeal each year, as well as other donations, also accumulate towards your Foundation Membership.  As your gifts accumulate, you automatically move up through the membership levels and will be acknowledged accordingly.  Members can choose to remain anonymous, or you can join many of the other Foundation members who regularly attend our events throughout each year.

Foundation Membership Levels
Life Member
$5,000 gift or $20,000 bequest
Fellow$10,000 gift or $50,000 bequest
Benefactor$25,000 gift or $100,000 bequest
Patron$100,000 gift or $250,000 bequest

Corporate Memberships are also available to companies wanting to give a gift of $30,000 or more.

If you are considering becoming a Foundation member and would like more information about the Foundation, please contact our Advancement Office on (03) 5226 3779 or at