Our students learn the skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable them to thrive both within themselves, and in their relationships with others through our whole school social and emotional learning program TripleR.

Resilience – I can

Students are supported and challenged to develop an outlook that sees setbacks as an inevitable part of the human experience, and to face difficulties knowing that they offer possibilities for personal growth. Through a rich diversity of learning environments, students will learn how to gain different perspectives, be flexible in their thinking, be able to change to plan B when required, and to activate coping skills.

Relationships - I care

Students learn about establishing and maintaining positive relationships which demonstrate care and concern for others as well as themselves. This includes looking after themselves (physically and emotionally) resolving conflict constructively, recognising and resisting negative influences, working cooperatively in a team, participating in service to others, and knowing where to go to seek help.

Reflection – Now I see

Students learn a range of self- managing and self- awareness skills including mindfulness, goal setting, good decision making, impulse control, identifying emotions and expressing them appropriately, coping with stress and anxiety, and time management.  

Wellbeing at Junior School

Wellbeing at Junior School

Junior School is a warm and nurturing space for our youngest students. From Early Learning to Year 3 our students participate in wellbeing activities most days. Class teachers are selected for their experience and care in the development of young children, and are main points of contact for families. The Head of Junior School and Director of Early Learning are hands on in each child’s learning and are also important contacts for families and role models for children.

Wellbeing at Middle School

Middle School is a time of transition, of new starts and of self-discovery. Our wellbeing and pastoral structure, which includes the Triple R program, homerooms, learning mentors, and counselling and support when required, is multilayered to ensure students at all levels of development are well cared for.

2021 MS TripleR SQ
2021 SS TripleR SQ

Wellbeing at Senior School

As students develop and grow they look for independence so they can further explore their own interests and values. The wellbeing and pastoral structure at Senior School is designed to support this growing independence while providing mentoring and guidance through Triple R, the house system and counselling and support when required.