From Year 7 students have the opportunity to speak publicly in many formal and informal settings, allowing them to become comfortable and effective public speakers. Students enhance and develop their oratory skills, as well as exercising team work, argument formulation, quick thinking and adaptation through the Inter-House program and the Debating Association of Victoria's (DAV) state-wide competition.

In Year 7 students can participate in an introduction to debating which is designed to provide training in the basic skills and structure of debating, as well as friendly competition. In Year 8 students move into the more challenging D grade competition where they work together to develop arguments and discuss perspectives and to present in with conviction and confidence. Students also have the opportunity to represent The Geelong College in the annual Junior Legacy Public Speaking Competition.

Senior School students participate in the challenging and enjoyable DAV schools’ competition. There are five regional debates per year hosted at Geelong Grammar School with some teams progressing to a series of finals. There are generally two teams participating under the enthusiastic guidance of experienced teachers.