The Morongo Award was first offered in 2001 with funds raised by the Morongo Old Collegians Association Inc (MOCA). In 2015 MOCA dispersed their assets to The Geelong College Foundation as was agreed at the MOCA AGM in 2014. The Foundation received over $180,000 which was to be used for the continuation of The Morongo Award at The Geelong College.

The Morongo Award is offered each year to a descendant of a Morongo Old Collegian.  A Year 11 student at The Geelong College can apply for the Award which is valued at 25% of their Year 12 tuition fees.

To ensure The Geelong College can continue to offer the Award for many years to come, we ask you to consider giving a gift to the Morongo Award Fund. You may also like to consider including the Morongo Award in your will.  Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and will ensure the name of Morongo lives on for many years to come.

Please contact The Geelong College Foundation on (03) 5226 3779 or if you would like to give a gift to The Morongo Award.


Ella Pullin, Morongo Award recipient, enjoying her College experience.
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“Through obtaining the Morongo Award in 2018, I felt closer to so many amazing women in my life including my mother, paternal grandmother, aunties and godmother.  Although sadly I was not able to go to Morongo myself, I felt as though I encapsulated what Morongo stands for throughout my time at The Geelong College.

By gaining this award, I feel as though I was able to embody a hardworking, passionate and determined young woman who not only obtained high academic results, but also succeeded in the arts, music, sporting and debating sectors within Year 12, which I believe is consistent with a Morongo woman.

I am now studying a law/global studies degree at university and striving to achieve my goal of becoming a human rights lawyer, all due to this strong foundation built upon this opportunity.

One of the highlights of my Year 12 experience was being able to speak at the Morongo Old Collegians Lunch, learning stories from so many incredible, strong and successful women who I aspire to be among in the future.

I am honoured to this day that I received the Award and I hope that others have the opportunity of continuing on the Morongo legacy in years to come. Sint lucernae ardentes – let you lamps be burning forever and always.”

Ella Pullin, 2018 Morongo Award recipient