In each year students learn through experiences across leadership and service, outdoor learning and cultural immersion, these experiences are tailored for developmental levels and to support learning objectives.

Experiences include camps, trips, excursions, incursions, special days, fundraising and service activities, and sit alongside learning in the classroom, co-curricular activities, work experience and other opportunities that help to develop well rounded students who have the confidence to develop their academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual potential.

Leadership and Service 2021 SQ
Leadership and Service
Learning through leadership and service is an integral part of our experiential learning program across all ages.

Learning Outdoors
The Geelong College provides experiences in the outdoors from the earliest years. The aim is to build knowledge, experience and skills in outdoor, environmental, adventure and Indigenous education.

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Cultural immersion
Our Cultural immersion programs offer students choices regarding their own experiences and how they wish to learn. We believe this enhances their level of understanding and development. When immersed in a culture through an excursion, incursion, celebration or trip, students are personally challenged to experience how others live, understand difference and diversity, and to embrace opportunities to make a difference.