Students in the Senior School at The Geelong College are encouraged and supported to find their passions in learning, to gain a deeper disciplinary and inter-disciplinary understanding, and to develop the independent learning skills to prepare them for life beyond school. Through a range of immersion based learning experiences, including community service, APS sport, music, drama, debating and leadership opportunities, our young women and men develop the purpose and confidence to be responsible and active citizens.

Academic excellence is a major aspiration of the College, but equally important is the provision of a broad learning experience, both within and beyond the formal curriculum. To enable this, students receive outstanding support and guidance from our dedicated and expert staff. The closeness of the College community also ensures that students feel a strong sense of belonging and connection to the College, during and beyond their school years.

Our curriculum broad and aims to foster the strengths and passions of individual student. For detailed subject information click the button below and explore our courses of study.




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