Does your school spirit still shine within you?

Remember the pride you felt when you pulled on your Pegasus jumper and strode onto the field, the elation of winning and the humbling defeats?

Remember the feeling of competing with your teammates or training until it hurt?

Achieving our ambitious fundraising target

We need significant philanthropic support from The Geelong College community. Philanthropic support is not about keeping the lights on; it is about transforming the College into its next era of educational excellence.

Will you join with fellow members of the College community and invest in current and future students, and the long-term success of our school? this is your opportunity to show your support in a very practical way through a gift to the Belerren Campaign.

Belerren will help the next generation of the green and blue shine, through the lessons they learn in sport. They need you on their team.

We ask that you consider a gift, large or small, to help our College.


To discuss the Belerren Project further, please contact:

Dr Hugh Seward AM

Campaign Chair e: p: +61 417 325 515


Dr Peter Miller

Principal e: p: +61 3 5226 3107


Nicole Roache

Marketing and Advancement Manager e: p: +61 3 5226 3194