The Geelong College Squad program has been developed for students that have completed level 7 of Royal Lifesaving Australia’s Swim and Survive program or equivalent, and are working towards competitive swimming.

Key focuses

Technique - Swimmers learn and progressively refine technique and develop proficiency in all four competitive strokes, starts and turns, as well as improving distance capabilities and speed.

Speed - All Squad members participate in 50m sprint times where swimmers are rewarded for trying to beat their personal best time, which is displayed around the Centre. They are also invited to participate    in the annual Squad carnival, an exciting introduction to competitive swimming!

Endurance - A 400m swim is conducted during our endurance terms. Squad swimmers aim to achieve a personal best time and meet the time requirement for their next level certificate.

Safety and Survival - Lifesaving skills and survival techniques are a fundamental component of the Squad program. These skills and techniques are vital to our program and the development of a swimmer. Our program includes competitive pool lifesaving.

Squad progression

Bronze level - Fundamentals of Squad swimming – correct starts and turns, as well as working towards correct stoke technique and efficiency.

Silver level - Technical requirements and etiquette of training and racing, and refining competitive stroke techniques.

Gold level - Refining their skills into race efficiencies and striving towards achieving set goals in training, time trials and swim meets.

Development Squad

Development squad is a pathway to competitive swimming for swimmers between the age of 7 and 12 years of age that are interested in the idea of competitive swimming and possibly swimming club.
Development Squad is an additional session to each swimmers regular enrolment with a key focus being on stroke technique and racing competencies.

Junior Development Squad: Currently Enrolled in Level 7 (Pre Squad) or just started Bronze Squad during the past 2 terms.

Development Squad: Completed at least two terms of Bronze Squad or currently in Silver Squad.

Senior Development Squad: Currently enrolled in Gold Squad or has been recommended to attend by their current coach.  

Enrolment process

If you are interested in joining the squad program, please email or call reception on 03 5226 3129. Our team will take you through the simple enrolment process.

Squad Assessments


• Explain water safety signage • Swim 400 meters freestyle • Swim 50 metres freestyle under 50 seconds • Swim 100 metres backstroke • Swim 100 metres breaststroke • Swim 25 meters butterfly with fins • Kick 50 meters freestyle kick under 1:15 • Perform correct freestyle and backstroke tumble • Perform a tube rescue

Squad Assessments


• Explore how to participate safely in a range of aquatic activities • Track start dive entry • Swim 400 meters freestyle under 7:30 minutes • Complete 100m Individual Medley • Swim 25 meters butterfly • Kick 50 meters freestyle kick under 1:05 • Breaststroke turns and split strokes • Complete a Silver Lifesaving session • Perform a tow rescue

Squad Assessments


• Understand and assess a range of aquatic risks • Backstroke start • Backstroke finish • Swim 400 meters freestyle under 7:00 minutes • Swim 50 meters freestyle under 40 seconds • Complete 200m Individual Medley • Swim 50 meters butterfly • Kick 50 meters freestyle kick under 55 seconds • Perform correct freestyle and backstroke tumble • Complete a Gold Lifesaving session • Perform a patient extraction