The time is now

With the rapid growth in the Geelong region, the College is experiencing unprecedented demand on enrolments, and therefore on our sports and learning facilities.

As Melbourne expands to the West, we are truly a regional school in a metropolitan context, and it is time that our sporting facilities reflected this position.

We now enjoy one of the most outstanding and awarded Junior Schools in the country. It is time to turn our focus to the heart of the College, the Senior School, and to ensure the quality of the learning experience spans our three schools.


The time is now regional growth 2022

From the Principal

The College is an incredibly special place that has developed so many wonderful contributors to our community over its 160 years, and our sports program is at the heart of that development. Belerren will be an amazing and iconic space for our students and our community to gather, and to prioritise fitness and health. 

- Dr Peter Miller