When immersed in a culture through an excursion, incursion, celebration or trip, students are personally challenged to experience how others live, understand difference and diversity, and to embrace opportunities to make a difference.

Students explore different cultures and communities through subject disciplines, interdisciplinary projects and incredible immersion experiences like Ngarrweerreeng Day at the Junior School, Reconciliation Week, Diversity Day, The Fulfilling Lives Program in Year 10 and City Week in Year 9.

Students have opportunities to visit many countries and cultures throughout their time at the College. Through these experiences they consolidate and extend learning in particular subject areas.

Fulfilling Lives

In Year 10 each student takes part in the Fulfilling Lives program. The program sees all students participating in service projects in Indigenous communities in Central Australia, remote villages in Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and with local refugee communities in Geelong and Melbourne. Students raise money in the lead up to the program to contribute to the community where they are staying and provide labour to assist with building, planting, painting, concreting and other activities alongside the local people. They are challenged physically and personally each day in their work, communication and the difference in living conditions. Most students return changed and grateful for their lives at home, as well as with a far broader sense of the world they live in.


Fulfilling Lives 2019
Minyirri MO (203)
International Study Tours

Study tours to the volcanoes and glaciers of New Zealand, the revolutionary capitals of Paris and St Petersburg and the classical cities of Athens and Rome, bring Geography and History to life. Cultural exchanges through sport and to our sister schools in France, China, Thailand and Japan also help students to develop an understanding of the global nature of our world. Periodically our senior students travel to Nepal to learn about the culture and help in the local community.

*Unfortunately, in 2020 these programs were cancelled due to COVID-19. With the ongoing nature of the COVID pandemic changes to these programs for 2021 and possible beyond is expected.