The Learning Outdoors program offers walks, excursions, camps, field trips, immersions that provide a level of challenge and complexity suitable to the developmental level of the students. Students learn to be resilient, creative, organised, and resourceful through these activities, they learn to respect and enjoy nature, and to live harmoniously and sustainably in a dynamic world.  The key themes of the program are:

  • Educational focus that links to classroom learning
  • Environmental activities, both practical and theoretical
  • Service to a community and the environment
  • Personal reflection, quiet time or ‘stillness’
  • Physical, personal, social or emotional challenge
  • Inclusive social interaction
  • Embedded indigenous education
  • Sense of adventure in the outdoors


Cape Otway Campus

In 2015 the College purchases a camp with approximately 100 acres at Cape Otway. The property adjoins the Great Ocean Walk and has direct access to the Cape Otway Lighthouse and sights of significance both since white settlement and in Indigenous history.

The Year 8 eight-day adventure camp is held on the property and in surrounding areas, making use of the beautiful coastal surrounds and challenging terrain for camping, mountain biking, hiking and canoeing.

The College is currently developing the Cape Otway Campus to become a centre point for our Outdoors Learning program for all ages over the next few years. The aim of this project is to create a sustainable learning hub will minimal impact on the environment.


The College runs a number of expeditions for Senior School students each year. In 2017 the inaugural student led expedition to Nepal took place with students experiencing the beauty and majesty of the Himalayas and the wonderful culture of the Nepalese people over 12 days which included hiking and service work.

The Duke of Edinburgh awards are also offered for interested students. Many of the levels for these awards are achieved through school trips including expeditions with the Geelong College Exploration Society. The Society began as the Ramblers Guild in the 1930’s; before being formerly established in 1947 as an outcome of the College trip to Mt Conner in Central Australia. 

Most years the Exploration Society walk remote destinations encountering fascinating wildlife, geography and culture. Some of the most recent Expeditions include: Federation Peak (Tas), Strzelecki Desert (Vic/NSW/SA), Bibbulmun Track (WA), Kokoda Track (PNG) and The Larapinta Trail (NT).

Year 7 Camp 2021
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