Throughout the school’s history, scholarships and bursaries have allowed the school to offer an exceptional education to students who would not otherwise have been able to experience life at College and all it has to offer. 

The diverse background of our scholarship recipients enriches the educational experience the College offers and on their journies it is a pleasure to see scholarship recipients give back to society through their work and their passions.

Scholarships are a great way to ensure that we are supporting students now and into the future. We have several programs, and your gift will be directed towards the scholarship program you are most passionate about.

Pegasus Scholarships

We are passionate about supporting worthy students who, through life’s circumstances, cannot afford the fees to be able to share the wonderful experiences offered at the College.

In 2018, The Geelong College introduced the “Pegasus Scholarships”.  This program focuses on providing assistance to students who display general excellence and who are experiencing financial hardship. We hope to raise a significant corpus to provide fee relief for such students. Your gift will make a real difference to the lives of these students who can contribute so much to the College and to society.

By contributing to our Pegasus General Excellence Scholarship Fund, you are giving a student the opportunity to shine through an exceptional education at The Geelong College.

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Bill Williams 2020 Square
Dr Bill Williams Tjungurrayi Scholarship

The Dr Bill Williams Tjungurrayi Scholarship Fund was established in May 2018 to support Indigenous students attending The Geelong College. The scholarships are to be supported by an endowment fund, to exist in perpetuity.

Dr Bill Williams completed Year 12 at The Geelong College in 1975 and went on to train as a doctor. Always a man of principle and conviction, Bill became a social activist, particularly involved in the campaign against nuclear weapons. He was also involved in environmental and feminist issues.

Bill lived with his family for an extended period at Kintore, an Indigenous community in the Northern Territory, west of Alice Springs. He wrote a novel inspired by his experiences there, and returned regularly to continue his medical work with Indigenous people. He was due to return there a few weeks after his untimely death in September 2016. He was a staunch advocate for Indigenous people for much of his life.

This scholarship program recognises Bill Williams by:

  • Providing a permanent memorial to Bill Williams;
  • Honouring his skin name, Tjungurrayi, given to him by his Kintore family;
  • Supporting Indigenous students, reflecting Bill’s own commitment and passion, and continuing his work in actively addressing Indigenous disadvantage; and,
  • Supporting the education of Indigenous students by investing in their, and our, future.
Our Heritage Buildings

The Cloisters, Mackie House, the Dining Hall and Norman Morrison Memorial Hall are just some of our beautiful heritage buildings that need ongoing maintenance and refurbishment. We want all of our students to have that ‘unique’ College experience of learning in these beautiful buildings and to  create memories of their own in these special spaces. A contribution to the Building fund helps to maintain and upgrade our heritage buildings as well as contributing to the development of new state-of-the-art educational facilities.

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