7 – 7.30am Wake up, shower and tidy room 
7.30am – 8.15amBreakfast in the Dining Hall 
8.15am – 8.30amPrepare for school 
8.30amGo to House or Class room for the start of the school day at 8.45am 
10.55amMorning tea collected from the Dining Hall/canteen  
1.20pmLunch collected from the Dining Hall/canteen
3.30pmReturn from school, afternoon tea and free time or sports training 
5.50pmDinner in the Dining Hall 
6.50pmSupervised study 
8.30pmYear 7 and 8 to bed 
9.45pmYear 9 and 10 to bed 
10.45pmYear 11 and 12 to bed 

7 – 12 noonIn house breakfast and Saturday sport
12.30pmLunch in the Dining Hall
6pmDinner in the Dining Hall
7pmFree time on Saturdays and study on Sundays