Wake up, shower and tidy room 
7.30am Breakfast in the Dining Hall 
Prepare for school 
8.30amGo to House or Class room for the start of the school day at 8.45am 
3.30pmReturn from school, afternoon tea and free time or sports training 
5.50pmDinner in the Dining Hall 
6.50pmSupervised study 
8.45pmYear 7 and 8 to bed 
9.45pmYear 9 and 10 to bed 
10.45pmYear 11 and 12 to bed 

7 – 12 noonIn house breakfast and Saturday sport
12.30pmLunch in the Dining Hall
6pmDinner in the Dining Hall
7pmFree time on Saturdays and study on Sundays

*This is an indicative day in the boarding house, days, of course, vary due to sports training, other activities, study load and many other things.