Our vision is to provide an outstanding music program with unique musical experiences and expert music educators. The goal for our students is to engage them in our rich musical culture with an individually tailored learning program.  


The experiences of our young musicians align to the values of The Geelong College. Each music lesson is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the College values that contribute to creating a positive culture within our College community. 


Music Scholarship recipients will be offered full remission of instrumental tuition fees on one instrument and/or part remission of academic fees. The amount of fee remission offered to each candidate is at the discretion of the Principal but will not exceed 50%.

We have a number of musicians from regional areas who board at the school. Living on site, boarders are easily able to attend before and after school rehearsals and concerts and have access to practice rooms. Students from regional areas are encouraged to apply for both Music and Boarding scholarships.

The following information is to be used as a guide for scholarship applications for entry into 2022 in conjunction with the information on the main scholarships page.


Music Scholarships at The Geelong College are awarded by audition.

Auditions will be held at the College in November, two years before the applicant is to be enrolled (i.e. Year 5 for entry into Year 7) following the scholarship exam. All applicants must sit the scholarship exam and provide the required documentation, at which time they will be notified of their audition details.

Students are able to audition on one or more instruments including voice. Instrumentalists are reminded that they must provide their own accompanist for the audition. Backing tracks can be used (CD or mp3 files on iPod, etc).

During auditions, applicants will be asked to:

  • Perform two contrasting pieces or movements on their principal instrument and perform one piece on their second instrument (if applicable).
  •  In the audition, applicants will be given a sight-reading test and aural test. Aural tests will involve rhythm, pitch and harmony.
  • Complete a short test to ascertain the level of music theory knowledge. Whilst formal music theory tuition is not mandatory, it is expected that applicants have or are willing to develop a minimum knowledge of music theory.
Audition Standards

Places in our outstanding music program are highly sought after and students are selected on the basis not only of existing talent, but also their potential to develop in their musical field.

We recognise that not all applicants will have been presented with the opportunity to undertake AMEB examinations and encourage all aspirational young musicians to apply for our Music Scholarships regardless of your examination experience.

Our music programs and music education experts are keen to provide you with the opportunity to engage in our rich musical culture.

Scholar Expectations

Scholars are expected to be members of a minimum of two core ensembles with an attendance of 90%. Extension ensembles are to be counted in addition to this.

Offers Made

Following the audition, applicants will be notified by phone and email of a request to attend an interview with the College’s Principal, accompanied by their parents/carers. Successful candidates will then be notified by email with the outcome of their application.

The Geelong College has a policy that applicants will not be provided with detailed individual feedback.